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Pregnancy and Complementary Medicine

Complementary medicine can have a part to play during the pregnancy, before and afterwards. However particularly towards the beginning of the pregnancy any mother to be must be very careful what therapies, supplements, essential oils or herbal remedies are used. Your midwife or Doctor should be your first stop for guidance on your pregnancy. In this section we will give examples of what is often used however this information is not given as guidance or as a recommendation, please consult your medical professional


The incidence of difficulties in becoming pregnant have been increasing over the last few decades. Although there are a huge number of reasons that complications can occur there are some areas where complementary medicine can help, however these may vary depending on the problem.

One of the most frequently given pieces of advice is to consider moving to a more organic food based diet and increasing your intake of fruit, veg and wholegrains. These changes can help ensure that viable sperm/eggs are present.

There are a number of herbs that have a history and reputation for use in male impotence and although there is no true "herbal viagra" there are a number of herbs that may help.

Some herbs are reputed to have a beneficial effect on the female reproductive system, however these may help from issues such as irregular periods to reducing the risk of miscarriage.

We strongly believe that taking any medication whether herbal or otherwise related to pregnancy should be done under the guidance of a medical professional. To find out more about consulting a medical herbalist click here.

Massage During Pregnancy

Massage during pregnancy can be very helpful to manage the muscular strain due carrying a growing baby. Massage during pregnancy normally requires the therapist to attend additional training and training is normally mandatory to obtain insurance cover. The massage can also be useful during the birth and recovery.

Click here for information about Pregnancy Massage or here for information about the pregnancy massage therapist Anna Hill

During the birth


There are a number of herbs that may recommended by midwifes to help with the recovery from birth. These can be recommended to be used in the bath to help with healing, used internally to help with post-natal depression or for a number of other reasons.

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