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Five ways to make a loose herbal tea

Most people when they make a herbal tea from loose dried herbs are surprised by how much more flavour, aroma and beneficial effects they have than a prepackaged herbal teabag. The only downside is that it may take a few more seconds to make your tea.  Here are 5 different options we recommend. 1. Classic option – a metal tea infuser. These are the quickest and simplest option –  open the jaws and grab the […]

5 reasons to replace coffee with a herbal tea

Here at Woodland Herbs we have over 100 different herbal teas, however many of us like our morning cup of coffee. Working in a natural health shop we know that there are lots of reasons to cut back on coffee and here are five – maybe they can encourage you to cut back on your coffee habit. 1. Caffeine. Caffeine is a trigger to your adrenal system, the “fight or flight” mechanism humans evolved to […]

Herbal Legislation Update

After April 2011 Woodland Herbs will only be able to sell tinctures for internal use which have been authorised. The 2004/24/EC Directive came into force in 2004, and the industry was given until 2011 to get authorisation for their products. Unfortunately the cost has been prohibitive for many companies (including Woodland Herbs). This means that we will no longer be selling our herbal tinctures (with our company’s name on it) for internal use. We will […]