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Unfortunately we do not have an alexander technique practitioner working in the clinic at the moment.

Alexander Technique Glasgow

Alexander Technique Glasgow
97% of people with back pain could benefit by learning the Alexander Technique - it is only a very small minority of back pain sufferers that require medical intervention such as surgery. Jack Stern, spinal neurosurgeon

What is the Alexander Technique

The principles of the Alexander Technique can be applied to any activity - riding, running, computing, sports, playing instruments, martial arts, meditation, etc. Quality and efficiency of activities depend on our health, balance, and co-ordination. It is essential to avoid interfering with the natural balance of the body in our efforts to achieve. During the course of living our lives, habits are built up around routine activities. These often have no relevance to the body’s integrity as a whole, and as time goes by, their repetitive and subconscious nature can start to cause problems.

The Alexander Technique helps people to unlearn these habits and discover a better quality of life.
What to Expect during an Alexander Technique Lesson

What to Expect during an Alexander Technique Lesson

Alexander lessons are usually 1hr long, and are commonly one to one. Alexander teachers gently guide the pupil through simple movements using their hands. The pupil’s experience is often one of increased lightness, freedom, and spaciousness. Pupils are invited to experience "hands on" whilst involved in specialist activities, e.g. musical performance, computer work, sports, etc. Alexander lessons are best taken regularly at first, but even just one lesson can be uplifting, and very enlightening. Our Glasgow clinic room is an ideal venue and is light and airy and close to the City Center and West End.
Alexander Technique can be helpful for:-
  • Experiencing less pain and discomfort
  • Finding more ease and enjoyment in the things you are passionate about
  • Investing in your lifes quality
  • Appreciating each moment more fully
  • Feeling more at one with your body
  • Finding a new approach to learning new skillsy

  • Book Now by Phone or Email If you are ready to book or need to ask a question then please get in touch.

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