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EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Glasgow

Our Emotional Freedom Technique Therapists at Woodlands Herbs practice EFT to help with a range of conditions, allowing you to free your mind from whatever thoughts and behaviours need attented too. This could be anxiety, panic attacks, depression, phobias or any other unwanted stresses.

Emotional Freedom Therapy

Emotional Freedom Therapy usually referred to as EFT was developed as a method of combining the working of the mind with the body's natural energy. It is a very rapid and powerful technique for removing unwanted behaviours and thoughts, being a very rapid technique, especially in dealing with phobias. At our Emotional Freedom Technique Clinic in Glasgow, we utilise the body's accupoints (the energy points used by acupuncturists), although in EFT no needles are used. The accupoints are stimulated by tapping on specific areas on the head and hand, while thinking of the difficulty. It has been recognised that stimulating these specific points causes chemicals in the brain to change and re-balance themselves and this chemical reaction combined with the subconscious mind, results in major changes after even one session.

We also offer a range of other therapies on our therapy information pages

Currently Unavailable

Unfortunatly we do not currently have a EFT therapist available in the clinic.

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