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Some Aromatherapy Oils and their Uses

1. Stress.
Stress is an incredibly common complaint and although massage can be useful to reduce stress and to aid relaxation, aromatherapy oils including bergamot, chamomile and frankincense can help deepen breathing, aid muscles to relax and calm the mind.

2. Digestive Disorders
are a common complaint and a clinical aromatherapist could help you to find oils that can reduce discomfort. The smell of peppermint may be sufficient to calm a disturbed digestion or ginger for nausea.

3. Muscle Pain and spasm.
The combination of massage and essential oils can be a beneficial combination. Oils such as rosemary, black pepper and juniper may be selected by the aromatherapist to help aches, or grapefruit oil may be selected to help "cleanse the muscles" depending on what they feel is needed and also what the client likes.

4. Skin Conditions
essential oils are often used in "natural" skincare products however a consultation with a clinical aromatherapist would allow them to select a mix of oils suited to your skin. From for spots to chamomile, myrrh or jasmine for inflammation.

5. Infections.
A cold or flu can be helped by the right choice of oils for your condition, and the appropriate massage techniques can also help to relieve congestion, catarrh or swollen glands. Oils such as eucalyptus, pine or marjoram may be used during and after the treatment to help.

Aromatherapy CautionsThe examples and descriptions given above are for information only and are not a full list of the conditions aromatherapy could be useful for. They are not intended as advice for any condition but as examples only. A qualified clinical aromatherapist can give you tailor made treatment following a consultation.

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