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Jon Loken Acupuncture

Jon Loken Acupuncture
Jon Loken is a fully qualified acupuncturist (BSc) having graduated from the Northern College of Acupuncture in York in 2016. He is registered with the British Acupuncture Council, is fully insured and works to professional standards.

Jon is fascinated by the thought that a thousand years ago wise men had the audacity to attempt to find common principles that apply, not only to the body, but equally to nature - using terms like Yin/Yang as well as Heat/Cold, Dampness/dryness, Wind. Also, in terms of acupuncture, thanks to centuries worth of empirical observations of the body, we now know that having particular diseases and ailments result in particular (acupuncture) points on the body becoming sore. They also established that applying pressure or needles to these points can help to alleviates the disease.

He has special interest in Dr Tan's protocols which are thought to give good, and often quick results for acute muscular skeletal issues. When needed, suction cups and Gua Sha are used to stimulate Qi and Blood in the tissue.

Jon also has a MSc in 'Control and Information technology' (industrial mathematics) and is a software developer. He has spent nearly 4 years in China though unrelated to Chinese Medicine.

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TherapistJon Loken


  • Initial consultation (90 min) - £45
  • Return visits (60 min) - £40
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  • Saturday
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