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Unfortunately we do not have an Thai Foot Massage practitioner working in the clinic at the moment.

Thai Foot Massage Glasgow | Thai Foot Massage Glasgow Clinic

Thai Foot Massage Glasgow | Thai Foot Massage Glasgow Clinic
Thai Foot Massage is one of our new therapies offered at the clinic by Mvari James.
The treatment is a very relaxing one used to help focus on the reflex points which are often used in Reflexology.
During the treatment the therapist focuses on the Sen Lines of the foot which correspond to other parts of the body, this means that although the feet are the main areas focused on, the entire body is being treated.
In Thai Medicine, energy channels running through the body known as Sen Lines allow energy known as Prana, Iom or wind to flow through the mind, spirit and body. These lines can become clogged which slows down or stops the energy and can leave the persons tards unbalanced.
Tards are the 4 elements; earth, wind, fire and water.
The benefits of the treatment include deep invigoration and relaxation for the client, increased joint mobility, stimulation of lymph flow and to encourage a deeper sleep.
Thai foot massage can also help with leg, hip and foot movements where there may have been previous stiffness and mobility issues.
During the massage the therapist uses a stick, usually made from redwood to apply pressure and massage the feet.
Some of the contra-indications you should be aware of before booking in for this particular treatment are systematic diseases which affect the feet or legs, ulceration of the lower leg, fractures, sprains and 1st trimester of pregnancy. It is also best to avoid this treatment if you have flu or severe varicose veins, phlebitis or a recent thrombosis. If in doubt it is best to check with the clinic before booking.

Thai Foot Massage Calendar

Our Thai Foot Massage Glasgow clinic times and prices are shown below - click on the therapists name below for more information about them or click here to view the full clinic diary.

Thai Foot Massage

Therapist Mvari James


  • 1hr £40
  • Book Now by Phone or Email
  • Thursday
  • aft
  • Friday
  • morning
  • Saturday
  • morn and afternon
If you are need to ask a question then please Contact Us.
thai foot massage in Glasgow

thai foot massage in Glasgow

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