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Morag Findlay MRSS

Morag Findlay MRSS
Morag graduated from the Glasgow School of Shiatsu's 3 year course in 2009. Since then she has practiced in many clinics, universities, workplaces, events and bookshops. She was a Director with the Shiatsu Society(UK) from 2011-2014. She then went on to gain her Seasonal Yoga teacher training certificate in 2017 and runs yoga classes and workshops.

Although her background is in the visual arts she has always been interested in bodywork, especially how it affects our mental/emotional state of being. And how mental emotional states can affect our physical being resulting in issues such as tight muscles and stiffness. As well as helping loosen off tight muscles she is particularly interested in helping people address mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and insomnia.

She also has an interest in helping people with breathing issues such as asthma. Having had asthma since childhood she weaned herself off inhalers in 2001 with the Buteyko breathing technique, and consultation with her doctor. Some people really do need inhalers and she wouldn't advise a change without consulting a doctor first. Though a simple change to your breathing pattern can help so much in a person's health and wellbeing regardless of whether they have asthma or not.

She keeps her own energy balanced with daily Yoga and meditation, which she has being practicing since 1991, though she is interested in all kinds of energy work.

In a Shiatsu session Morag will treat your whole body rather than just the area of aches and pain, with an understanding that emotional states can manifest in all kinds of physical issues. Her technique encompasses deep physical manipulation of tight muscles, including stretches and rotations to light energy work in weaker areas. She endeavours to keep a good energy present at all times to help with the healing process.

Clients seek Shiatsu for a variety of reasons, from tight muscles and back problems to emotional related issues such as insomnia, stress and tension. Or to get more energy, lift spirits or simply for relaxation. Each session is tailored to suit your needs at that particular point in time. Since our energy is constantly changing Shiatsu treatments will vary from session to session though you should always leave feeling more balanced and relaxed with a better awareness of your body. This helps to put you back in control of your own wellbeing.
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Therapist Morag Findlay


  • 1hr £40
  • 20min Seated Massage £15
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  • Friday
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