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Start Up

A key to a successful practice is to get straighty into the swing of marketing your practice and your therapy.

Practice Development Meetings

We have been supporting therpaists for over 12 years and have found that a meeting where you can ask questions or ask for support can be very useful. Please feel free to ask for some time to ask for support with any questions or issues you may have or help with ideas for marketing your practice.

Woodland Herbs Website

I will adjust the Woodland Herbs website to include your basic listings. Please have a look at the other therapist and therapies page to have a feel for layout and format/tone of text. Once ready please can you send me the text and images for your page.

During the start up phase i will add:

- your own page and any links
- your therapies page (s) and any links
- your listings on the sitemap (http://www.woodlandherbs.co.uk/acatalog/sitemap2.html)
- the price list page (price, therapies and any links) http://www.woodlandherbs.co.uk/acatalog/price_day.html
- any permanent discounts if applicable http://www.woodlandherbs.co.uk/acatalog/discounts.html
- the navigation at the top of the clinic pages and also at the bottom (the footer bottom section does vary with the content of the clinic page)
- the listing pages for therapies (1 or 2 pages - http://www.woodlandherbs.co.uk/acatalog/glasgow_therapies.html / http://www.woodlandherbs.co.uk/acatalog/glasgow_massage_and_bodywork_therapies.html)
- the listing pages for practitioners http://www.woodlandherbs.co.uk/acatalog/glasgow_therapists.html

Please give me any feedback/changes in enough detail to find the page and make the correction easily.

Thank you


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