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This page currently doesn't have any FAQ's. If you have any questions please email me and we will try to answer (and add this section for future practitioners!). I have copied the clinic policy on referrals below which has some guidance on referrals within and outside the clinic below.

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Clinic Policy on Acceptable Referral Behaviour Within the Clinic

The clinic treats very seriously: the unbiased advice it gives to potential clients; it's obligations to therapists working within the clinic; and the role it has in helping to develop the therapists' practises. In our experience there are a small number of items that can breach the relationship between the clinic and the therapist. These are mentioned below to ensure that good relationships are maintained between the clinic staff and the therapists and between the therapists themselves.

It is unacceptable for therapists to regularly transfer clients to other practice venues. We realise that sometimes due to timing issues it may be necessary to see a client at an alternative practice venue, however this should only occur when other avenues have been exhausted (e.g. access to floating time in the clinic). To avoid misunderstandings it is important that the therapist communicates when this occurs to the clinic manager. No formal method of saying when this occurs is felt necessary, informal communication is sufficient. We have found that the patient will almost always mention any transfer at a later date, especially as many get to know the clinic staff well over time. It is also worthwhile mentioning when you have had to bring a client to the clinic as this will reinforce to both, the 2 way relationship.

Referrals outside the Clinic
We believe that one of the distinctions between our clinic (and its therapists) and other venues is that we want what is best for the client, not our purses; and if that means the client needs to see another therapist outside the clinic then that is the advice they should get. In the past this has included access to therapies unavailable within our clinic, or access to experience (e.g. therapists within the same discipline). Where there is a suitable therapist within the clinic our preference is that referrals will generally be within the clinic (a number of clients come from general advertising for the clinic, or recommendations from the shop, therefore it is appropriate to keep the treatments within the clinic).

Referral within the Clinic
Referrals within the clinic are an important part of our client's experience, as they should feel that Woodland Herbs is more than a disparate group of therapists. To aid this we encourage communication between therapists regarding cases (with the client's permission), the opportunity to experience and discuss other therapists' practices etc. The practitioner meeting is one of the ways this is achieved. It is worth remembering if you are referred a client then you may need to refer the same client back to the original therapist at an appropriate time. This is an area where a breakdown in trust between therapists can occur after a misunderstanding.

Marketing Materials used within the Clinic
The cost of running a clinic in terms only of the marketing aspects (such as having a shop front, website and trained staff) are very significant. As a result we feel that all materials used within the clinic must focus on the therapies and therapists within the clinic. If you propose to use any materials within the clinic that mention alternative venues or other aspects of your practice then please let Graham review them.

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