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Seated Massage (Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage)

Seated Massage (Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage)
Often people's first experience of massage is during a chair massage. Often referred to as on-site massage, head, neck and shoulder massage, corporate massage or seated massage this treatment can offer a quick conveneient massage which can often help with problems such as sore shoulders, tight neck muscles or just as a general relaxation.
20 Minute head Neck and Shoulder Massage
At Woodland Herbs we normally have a 20 minute head, neck and shoulder massage available every day. Therapists come from both a shiatsu and therapeutic massage background so offer slightly different treatment styles, however people generally find both enjoyable and beneficial.

Book Now by Phone or Email
We often provide therapists for events, workpaces or funtions. Please Contact Us for more details.

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