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Clinic Room Hire in Glasgow

Clinic Room Hire in Glasgow

What we provide

  • Nicely decorated, spacious treatment rooms (and one smaller treatment room).
  • Treatment couch, couch covers, paper rolls, pillows, sinks.
  • Reception area / waiting area for your clients.
  • Places to promote leaflets / flyers and posters.
  • Day & Evening Receptionist.
  • Many practitioners are faced with working alone either as a mobile therapist or from home. This can sometimes be a lonely and difficult venture for some. Woodland Herbs offers practitioners the chance to be part of a supportive and caring team and through careful consideration, aim to integrate practitioners of like mind to help benefit their individual practices. As part of the room hire, we provide friendly, personal and helpful receptionists who are available day and evening to help with bookings and clients.

    Throughout your time at the centre, you will be updated regularly on potential marketing or promotional ideas and will able to participate in Woodland Herbs Clinic promotions as well. Rooms are reserved on a weekly basis (minimum four hours ) and paid for by Bank Transfer on the first of the month. Bookings can be changed with 6 weeks notice.

    Room Hire 2

    Upstairs Room

    Although booked by a range of therapists including Shiatsu and Alexander Technique this room is also available for classes or workshops and Woodland Herbs practitioners are able to book this room on an ad hoc basis.
    Basic Information
  • The clinic operates on a room rental basis. Current rates are from 7.25 per hour
  • Rooms are rented in blocks of times: mornings 9 am to 1pm; afternoons 1.30 to 5.30pm; evenings 6 to 9pm. 6 weeks notice is needed to change a block booking.
  • We offer an bookingappointment service and will book in people who request your therapy or yourself. Although the clinic carries out general promotion of the clinic which will bring in some clients for all the clinics therapists (see examples in the shop and online), individual therapists do need to support this with their own marketing and getting their own clients. We have found this is key to a thriving practice.
  • Therapists set their own consultation fees. Information on fees therapists at the clinic currently charge is available at Clinic Diary
  • We do support therapists through a start up phase where they can build their client list and develop their marketing materials and activities. We offer a period where we support advertising and marketing costs.
  • Apply to Rent a Clinic Room

    If you think you have the skills to be a successful Woodland Herbs practitioner, please apply by email with some information about your therapies, background and interests to to enquiries@woodlandherbs.co.uk

    Low Hours Options

    We realise that for certain therapies/treatment (e.g. Counsellors, Homeopaths etc) additional flexability in their hours may be required. In this case a regular single weekly room hire is taken, and up to 50% of the booked hours may used as taken as "floating time" at other times without incurring an additional room rental. For example, one month a therpaist may have 6 appointments in their allocated time slot and up to 6 additional one appointments appointments at other times without incurring a further charge.
    Front Room - Massage and other Bodywork Therapies
    Upstairs Room - Massage, Alexander, Shiatsu, Classes and Courses
    Reception Desk for Bookings, Payments and Advice
    Consulting Room - Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology and Massage
    Back room - Licensed for Acupuncture Treatments in Glasgow

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